Session 2: The Art and Science of Blogging

Learning Goals

  • What makes a great blog?
  • To understand the work flow for blogging
  • To understand and explore different blog post writing formats
  • Adoption Challenges
  • Productivity tips

1. What makes a good blog? (The Art Part)

  • Personality
  • Usefulness
  • Writing Style
  • Frequency
  • Relevancy
  • Interactivity
  • Engaging

Want a great blog, do this, by Bill MacKenty

2. Blogging Legos: The Work Flow (The Science Part)

1: Reading

We covered the mechanics of this in our first session. The process steps:
  • Read your RSS subs
  • Read your persistent searches
  • Research new topics
  • Follow serendipitous links from comments
  • Scan comments on other posts
  • Leave comments on other posts
  • Add your comments to the conversation
  • Update your RSS subs

2: Writing

  • Drafts
  • To do lists
  • Think about what moves you today
  • What would your readers like?
  • What have you just read?
  • Research
  • Format and word smith
  • Find and add relevant links
  • Find and add relevant photos or videos
  • Post and check
  • Notify others as appropriate
  • Archive index categories

3: Interacting with your readers

  • Check your ego feeds – watch lists on technorati or google alerts
  • Check referral logs
  • Comment on reader’s posts
  • Comment back to readers on your posts
  • Email responses

The Blogging Process by Dave Pollard
Marinating my ideas into blog posts by Pro Blogger
How to Add to the Blogging Conversation by Pro Blogger
How To Start Your Own Blog Carnival by Kivi
Blogging Good Practices by Web Tastings

3. Writing Great Blog Content (Form and Style)


  • Instructional
  • Informational
  • Reviews
  • Product Giveaways
  • Research
  • Collation
  • Interviews
  • Case Study
  • Profile
  • Lists
  • Tips
  • Memes
  • and more ..


  • Scan Text
  • Length
  • Titles

20 Different Formats by Pro Blogger
How To Write Great Blog Content by Pro Blogger
Nine Essential Posts That Every Blogger Should Know by Northeast
25 Basic Styles of Blogging, by Rohit Bargavda

4. Adoption Challenges

  • The putting myself on display part
  • Let the comments help refine your thinking
  • It's okay to make (public) mistakes

Advice to Would Be Bloggers, by Bokardo
Watch and Learn by Skelliwag

5. Productivity Tips

  • Regular time to read and write
  • Connect with your community
  • Consider using a blog editor, if possible

How To Be A More Productive Blogger from To-Done!
Blogging for Beginners by Pro Blogger
Desktop Blog Editor by Pro Blogger

6. Assignment

Write 2-3 different post formats
Write comments on your colleagues posts
Incorporate the comments into a 4th post
Write 1 post reflecting on the process