Blog Planning Questions

- Why should we blog?
- Why are we writing a blog?
- How do we know it makes sense to blog, as individuals and/or as a NGO?

- Before you begin a blog how do you plan to sustain your work on the blog?
- How do we ensure that the content on our blog is interesting?
- If you are blogging under the name of your organisation how do determine what is appropriate and how things should be put across?

- Who's it for? Who are we aiming to reach / to engage.
- What are we wanting them to think about? And what do we want them to think about us?
- What about the 'voice' of the blog? How do we know whose-what voice to use as we blög, on our blog or other blogs?

- Do we need great writers who have a passion for blogging?
- What kind of skills, such as self-editing, are the key skills needed for any blogger.
- Which blog software would you recommend? (find a site that compares them)
- What about confidentiality? How do we develop and enforce clear boundaries about what can and cannot be shared to avoid violating trust of the groups and individuals you support.

- If we have a blog, how do we know how often to update it?
- When should we write one - every week / month / quarter?
- Do people expect a (e.g.) monthly one, that way you can publicise it in e-bulletins/newsletters and you can say "come back on the first day of the month to read our new blog" - or is it more of an occasional thing i.e. when we have something to say.