Session 1
  • Set up a RSS reader if you don’t already use one
  • Add at least 5 blogs to your reader using the starter pack
  • Think about a strategy for organizing, adding, and pruning
  • Add at least 5 blogs by referral
  • Add at least 5 blogs by searching on Technorati or Google Blog Search
  • Add one or more Google Blog Searches to your feeds

Session 2

  • Write 2-3 different post formats
  • Write comments on your colleagues posts
  • Incorporate the comments into a 4th post
  • Write 1 post reflecting on the process

Session 3

  • Write post that invite comments using a few of the strategies
  • Set up your ego feeds
  • Set up your keyword and tag search feeds
  • Set up commentful
  • Write a post based on what you found in the feeds